MNM selection, acquisition, engineering, characterisation (WP2)

Oct. 2013 - D2.2 - 1st stage MNM library: externally sourced materials (explanation of the final selection of MNMs for mechanistic assessment of their interactions with living systems).

Life cycle evolution of MNMs (WP3)

March 2014 - D3.1 - Report on environmental transformation reactions

Feb. 2015 - D3.2 - Experimental protocols for aged MNM

Feb. 2016 - D3.3 - Report on characterization of aged MNM

MNM interactions with biomolecules and environmental factors (WP5)

Aug. 2015 - D5.3 - QCM- and QCM-array platforms for in situ assessment of MNM-protein, -cell and receptor interactions

MNM interactions, bioavailability & biological effects in vitro/in vivo (ecotoxicology) (WP6)

Feb. 2015 - D6.1 - Potencies of a list of prioritised MNMs on test organisms

Feb. 2015 - D6.2 - Effect of surface modifications of MNMs in the environment

Aug. 2014 - D6.4 - Identification of body target tissues accumulating MNMs - Applying imaging methods to study the uptake and localisation of MNMs; with isopod and zebrafish as model test species.

Aug. 2015 - D6.5 - Chronic exposure effects assessment of MNMs

Feb. 2016 - D6.8 - Pre-validated new model system (terrestrial isopods)

Systems biology approaches to reveal mechanisms of MNM activity (WP8)

Feb. 2016 - D8.1 - Omics datasets – Chlamydomonas

Feb. 2016 - D8.2 - Omics datasets - Daphnia magna

Feb. 2017 - D8.4 - Omics datasets - A549 cells