Other Publications

March 2016 - Silver nanoparticles lost in the first wash. Interview of D. Mitrano (EMPA) by ChemistryWorld.

Nov. 2015 - Fate and hazard data from NanoFASE and NanoMILE to be integrated on the same knowledge platform. B. Hazebrouck (EU-VRi), I. Lynch (UoB). NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter, p8.

October 2015 - A Risk Assessment Tool for the Virtual Screening of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles through Enalos InSilicoNano Platform. Antreas Afantitis (NovaMechanics).

March 2015 - Suds turn silver nanoparticles in clothes into duds. D. Mitrano (EMPA), Beth Mole (Science News). Science news, Vol. 187, No. 8, April 18, 2015, p. 9.

Jan. 2015 - Europe takes the lead on nanotech safety. C. Sealy (HORIZON), with E. Valsami-Jones (University of Birmingham , UK).

Dec. 2014 - Using read-across and categories to improve safety of nanomaterials. Wim de Jong (RIVM). Issue 6 of ECHA's newsletter, pp 10-12.

Nov. 2014 - Highlights from NanoMILE’s recent publications: a progress update for the NanoSafety Cluster. Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham). 4th NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter, pp 15-16.

June 2014 -  NanoMILE’s spring at Antalya (NanoTox2014). Benoît Hazebrouck (EU-VRi), Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham) with the NanoMILE consortium. 3rd NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter, pp 9-11.

Oct.-Nov. 2013 - NanoMILE consortium takes important decisions in month 6 meeting. Eva Valsami Jones, University of Birmingham. 1st NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter, p 4.