Products and services

- Overview of Interest & impacts of NanoMILE results for industry and service providers (presentation)

- Highlights of NanoMILE's key outputs/publications with a focus on the interest for industry & services in the field of nanomaterials (4 page document)

- Free online design and virtual screening of nanoparticles, by Novamechanics Ltd:

 Novamechanics Ltd has launched Enalos InSilicoNano Platform, a new decision support tool for the design and virtual screening of nanoparticles, freely available online. Enalos InSilicoNano Platform aims to address the need to reduce the amount of time spent by scientists in referencing disparate sources of data to aid decision making related to NPs design and bioactivity profile and it offers an efficient and cost‐effective response to the EU legislation and the desire to reduce animal testing. The available workflows are built based on diverse and reliable data sources and integrate advanced in silico tools to provide accurate predictions.

The first version of the support tool was developed under NanoMILE with data collected from the litterature. An updated version will be developed with the data produced by NanoMILE according to a systematic scheme.

 - Automated Exposure Station at the air/liquid interface, by VITROCELL Systems GmbH:

 The VITROCELL® Automated Exposure Station is designed for the direct exposure of biological test systems to airborne substances such as gases, complex mixtures, nano particles and fibres. It offers a capacity of up to 18 cell culture compartments for exposure and 3 compartments for clean air control.

The system simulates the human exposure situation. All key functions for a successful exposure such as aerosol flow rates, humidity, temperature and leak test are edited via touch screen prior to the experiment. The respective data is shown on live graphs and stored for further analysis. The cells are exposed at the air / liquid interface on 6, 12 or 24 well sized cell culture inserts. The isokinetic sampling system enables a uniform delivery of the test substance to the cells. The deposition efficiency can be increased by high voltage charging.

After exposure the cells are further processed to measure a wide range of endpoints, e. g. cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, proliferation, cellular and oxidative stress as well as inflammation. See also VITROCELL® assay guide.

The system is used and further developed under the NanoMILE project.

For more information, see the Vitrocell 11 page brochure.