NANOfutures initiative

NANOfutures environment would become a European multi-sectorial, cross-ETP, integrating platform with the objective of connecting and establishing cooperation and representation of all relevant Technology Platforms that require nanotechnologies in their industrial sector and products. NANOfutures and its operative branch NANOfutures association will act as a “Nano-Hub” by linking JTIs, associa-tions, ETPs with expert groups in a collaborative environment.
NANOfutures at its base will be open to industry, SMEs, NGOs, financial institution, research institution, universities and civil society with an involvement from Member States at national and regional level. It will be an environment where all these different entities would be able to interact and come out with a shared vision on nanotechnology futures. NANOfutures collaborate with the ETPs on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding.

NANOfutures approach

NANOfutures will identify the key nodes in strategic nanoactivities and develop strategies to address nanotechnology challenges with an intersectorial approach. This will be achieved by a close interaction between horizontal working groups, which will address cross-sectorial horizontal issues, and sectorial group representatives (i.e. ETP representatives).
Working groups will be organised under the 3 main topic areas addressed by NANOfutures: "technology", "regulation and standards" and "innovation". Objectives of the horizontal working groups would be to present recommendations for strategic actions under each of these three main topics.

The NANOfutures website:


Integrated Research and Industrial Roadmap for European Nanotechnology 

The roadmap focuses on a 7 nano-enabled value chains and the set of target markets and final products. It includes actions to address industrial needs and research and innovation challenges for the successful development of safe and sustainable nano-enabled products aiming to:
- Deliver a focused implementation plan up to 2020 within a longer term horizon of actions (>2025);
- Address European cross-cutting key nodes in terms of cross-sectorial research, technology and innovation issues;
- Cover broad socio-economic challenges to the implementation and commercialisation of sustainable and safe nanotechnology enabled solutions;
- Have a market-driven value chain approach with a set of tech and non-tech actions along the identified value chains.

This roadmap represents an open working document, developed within the European Coordination and Support Action NANOfutures (contract number NMP4-CA-2010-266789). This document will be further developed with all NANOfutures Platform members and other stakeholders from the Nano related Community who would like to contribute. In this sense, an open on-line consultation will be opened soon.

Link for downloading the roadmap: