Life cycle evolution of MNMs (WP3)

August 2014 - Transformations of silver nanoparticles relevant to product use. Denise M. Mitrano, Elisa Rimmele, Adrian Wicher, Rolf Erni, Murray Height, Bernd Nowack, EMPA, Bluesign & HeiQ AG Fabrics. ACS Nano 2014, San Francisco.

Dec. 2013 - Aging and Transformations of Nanoparticles Relevant to Product Use. Dr. Denise M. Mitrano, EMPA (CH). 3rd U.S.-EU Bridging NanoEHS Research Efforts workshop. Arlington, VA, USA. 2-3/12/201. ppt (17Mo); Extended pdf (13,6 Mo); Smaller pdf (2,3 Mo)

Development of a screening platform for MNMs (WP4)

March 2015 - High throughput screening in nanotoxicology. Kirsten Gerloff (JRC). 1st BfR-Academy Training School on Nanotechnologies for Risk Assessors. Berlin, 3–4 March 2015.

Oct. 2014 - The Adverse Outcome Pathway Approach in Nanotoxicology. Kirsten Gerloff (JRC). Nanosafety Forum for Young Scientists. 09.10.2014, Syracuse.

MNM interactions with biomolecules and environmental factors (WP5)

August 2015 - Understanding the impact of glycosylation at the bionano interface (abstract). Marco Monopoli1, Sha Wan1, Phil Kelly1, yan yan2, Kenneth Dawson1. 1 CBNI, UCD, Dublin, Ireland. 2. University of Melbourne, Australia. ACS National meeting, August 2015, Boston (USA)

Systems biology approaches to reveal mechanisms of MNM activity (WP8)

Dec. 2013 - Systems Biology approaches for studying toxicity. Francesco Falciani, University of Liverpool (UK). 3rd U.S.-EU Bridging NanoEHS Research Efforts workshop. Arlington, VA, USA. 2-3/12/2013

Data integration, QPARs, risk assessment, safe MNM designs (WP9)

Dec 2014 - Hazard mechanisms, biokinetics, and vulnerable populations. Eva valsami-Jones, University of Birmingham, UK. FP7 review meeting, 10-11/12/2014, Brussels. 

Oct. 2014 - Safety assessment of nanomaterials. What about extrapolation between ENM? Read across and categorization. Wim de Jong (RIVM). ECHA' Topical Scientific Workshop on Nanomaterials.  24.10.2014, Helsinki.

Dissemination, exploitation, integration (WP10)

June 2016 - From nanosafety research to operational tools for the nanotechnology industry: the EU projects NanoMILE, NanoFASE, NanoReg2, NanoSolutions, Sun, CaLIBRAte. B. Hazebrouck, EU-VRi, Germany, et al.   Industrial Technologies 2016 – Amsterdam – 22.06.2016.

June 2015 - Interest & impacts of NanoMILE for industry and service providers. B. Hazebrouck, EU-VRi, Germany, I. lynch , University of Birmingham, UK.   EuroNanoForum 2015,10-12/06/2015, Riga.

Dec 2014 - Biological evaluation of nanomaterials - Paul Borm, Nano4Imaging, Germany. Informa's Biocompatibility Testing and Evaluations for Medical Devices, 2-3/12/2014, Berlin.

Dec 2014 - FP7-NanoSafety: Towards full integration of standardization in the projects. Benoît Hazebrouck, EU-VRi (Germany). FP7 review meeting, 10-11/12/2014, Brussels.