01 Mar
Industrial workshop on safe-by-design
News Photo NanoMILE co-organizes the workshop on 24-25.04.2017 in Bilbao.

A number of H2020 funded projects are working on various aspects of the Safe-by-Design (SbD) concept and all rely upon industry to understand its meaning and how to use the tools being developed in these projects.
Disseminating this knowledge to a wider audience will help in the acceptance and uptake of SbD by companies and will also allow the projects to learn more about stakeholder needs.
A workshop that allows knowledge exchange between various SbD projects as well as listening and learning from  different stakeholder groups (industry, academia, regulators, insurance, consumers) can help adjusting research, dissemination and exploitation strategies accordingly. This ensures project outcomes and tools are relevant long after the project has officially concluded.

Click here for the workshop flyer or to registrate.

09 Feb
Prize winning NanoMILE poster
News Photo At the NMSA conference in Malaga.

Susan Dekkers (RIVM) et al. were awarded the RSC Environmental Science Nano best poster Prize at the NMSA Malaga conference for the poster on The influence of redox activity of inhaled nano-sized cerium dioxide on respiratory, immune and cardiovascular effects in multiple mouse models.


Figure from the poster: Figure 2: Atherosclerotic plaque (red outline) in the brachiocephalic arteries of ApoE-/- mice

07 Feb
Nanosafety 5-project Conference
News Photo NanoMILE final conference: New tools and approaches for nanomaterial safety assessment 7-9 Feb 2017, Malaga (Spain)

A joint final conference of the five major FP7 projects NANOSOLUTIONS, SUN, NanoMILE, GUIDEnano, and eNanoMapper.

The conference will present the main results achieved in the course of the projects fostering a discussion about their impact in the nanosafety field and possibilities for future research programmes. The conference welcomes consortium partners from the organizing projects, as well as representatives from other EU projects, industry and government, civil society and media.

More information:

Abstract submission until 30/09/2016.

27 Oct
Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents
News Photo A two-day Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents for PhD students in Maastricht.

On October 27-28th 2016, Nano4Imaging organizes a two-day Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents for PhD students in projects ITERM and NanoMILE. The workshop is open for participants from industry and academia, and can host another 10 participants. The workshop focusses on the clinical importance of contrast agents, as well as the current toxicological problems with many of these agents. The workshop venue is the loverly Chateau Bethlehem Teaching Hotel Maastricht.  Speakers include Prof. Jelle Barentsz (Nijmegen), Prof. Fabian Kieslsing (Aachen), Dr Iseult Lynch (Birmingham).

Draft program (12.09.2016). More info on the workshop website.

13 Sep
NanoMILE- NanoSOLUTIONS workshop on High-throughput and “omics”
News Photo on 13th and 14th September in Stockholm, Sweden


Ambition, format, goal

10 years of investment in nanosafety science by the European Commission via Framework Programmes 6 and 7 has led to an enormous body of data and expertise on nanosafety science in Europe.  To ensure continuity of effort, and facilitate the translation from nanosafety science to standardisation, industry and regulation within Horizon2020, the flagship projects on mechanisms of nanomaterials interactions with living systems, NanoMILE and NanoSOLUTIONS organize a workshop on 13-14.09.2016, with the goal to develop a consensus paper on scientific best practice and approaches for high throughput & “omics” approaches to nanosafety assessment.  

The workshop will consist of keynote presentations followed by break-out discussion to reach consensus on selected topics, based around a prepared discussion document.  Summaries from the discussion break-out groups will be presented back to the group in plenary for final discussion.

Outputs from the workshop will be:

–        White paper & associated summary publication

–        Agreed terminology for the topic and agreed protocols and approaches

–        Agreed understanding of current limitations of the methods / approaches in terms of their applicability to different NMs classes

–        Plan for benchmarking activities and securing buy-in of projects with capabilities to achieve this.


This 2-day event will be followed by an EU NanoSafety Cluster meeting, at the same venue, on 14.09.2016.  Registration for the NSC meeting to Elina Drakvik (



Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.


Further information / to express interest in participating:

NanoMILE Project manager:  Mr. Tom Carney, email:
04 Sep
NanoMILE at Nano-Metrology Summer School
News Photo NanoMILE partner IUF will present the basic principles of nanotoxicology

Knowledge gained through NanoMILE  will feed IUF's presentation at the

Organized by the FP7 Project SETNanoMetro, the Summer School aims to illustrate and discuss the most recent advances in the synthesis, characterization, testing and application of nanoparticles with controlled properties.

The school is addressed to PhD students and Post-Docs with a background in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Regenerative Biology and Medicine.

For more detail and for registration, please see here.

15 Aug
Meet NanoMILE (and others) at the NanoSafety Forum for Young Scientists
News Photo In Visby, Sweden, 15-16 September.

Nanosafety Forum
for young scientists

The NanoSafety Cluster is hosting a “Nanosafety Forum for Young Scientists”. The event will take place in Visby, Sweden, on 15-16.09.2016, complemented by opportunities to meet experts and senior scientists. Prior to the Forum for young scientists the NSC meeting will be held on the 14th.

The event is an open Forum for scientists in the nanosafety research field including scientific sessions with oral presentations from the young scientists and forward looking keynotes from established senior investigators. The goal is to exchange scientific information and visions and to enable young and senior scientists to learn to know each other.

Early bird registration at preferential rate is now extended to 30 July.
Final registration deadline is 15 August 2016.

More information at:

19 Jul
Ecotoxicity testing: an overview
News Photo Environment is so diverse: how and where to start ??

Ecotoxicity testing for an environmentally safer-by-design nanotechnology industry : an overview

The environment presen